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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Patient Rests

I am always amazed that every time I get ready to play there is still always an anxiousness. I usually say I am nervous but is not really that, it is more of an anticipation of being able to express myself before Christ to others.

When those natural emotions come up that is where I can learn to be patient and rest in Christ. It does not matter how well I play but how well I have prepared my heart. I love reading the Psalms; especially since they are a lot of Davids worship songs. Once thing I noticed early on was the rests in the passages. SELAH.

David was a skilled musician as well as those that were in charge of worship in the day. They all spent time perfecting their craft. Yet with all of the practicing, when walking around the walls of Jericho they had to be silent until the perfect time. Resting and waiting for the signal to play. Being a musician does not always mean making sounds on an instrument. Sometimes silence is a greater note.

Learning to rest in Christ will not take away the anxious feelings I experience but it does allow them to be moved into an appropriate context. Worship is not about me or my playing but about surrender. About loving Christ in a way that others are encouraged to love Him also.

Silence can be golden when we learn to be silent before Christ. It makes it so much more fun when He cues you to come in! Especially when you can crank up the distortion and bang those strings!


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