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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practice Creativity

Patterns, scales, modes, tempo, articulation and concentration all lend to becoming a better musician. But can you practice creativity? I often am amazed at how easily creativity comes to some musicians. It just seems to flow so easily from them.

With me it takes more time as I get caught in the technical and tend to over think what I am doing. Anxious about becoming better and more talented get in the way of creating beautiful pieces of music. But I have found that I can practice being creative and not just by "jamming" or just hitting random notes and chords in the hopes something unique will come together in my mind, but I can practice creativity by just picturing myself how Christ looks at me.  Trust me, He was definitely creative when He created me! Or maybe that was His comic relief side!

Christ is so pleased with what He created. That is you and I. When I realize how pleased He is in how He has placed a song in my heart, it helps me to relax and be creative. To think and marvel. To listen. To appreciate simplicity. To build on knowledge.

To know that I am creative, simply because my Maker gave me that characteristic. He has given it to everyone, just many never find how and where to use it because we are too caught up in trying to make ourselves something we are not and into something He has not created us to be.

I use music to seek Christ. To communicate with Him. When I listen to Him speak that is when the best music comes alive and practice becomes creativity.


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