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Monday, September 3, 2012

Searching for 110

I have always thought that music was something from inside that Christ created as a way to communicate with everyone in a common form. Music seems to go across languages and cultures so easily.

I always hear so many musical sounds in my head that sometimes it is overwhelming. So many times it is when I am resting, but as soon as awake they are gone. Sometimes I will try to remember them by trying to recreate them on my guitar but it is usually futile.

What it has done for me is it has kept me in pursuit of the sounds I hear within. I know in some way it is how God made me to communicate with Him, I just have not found how to understand it. Maybe that is the problem, trying to understand. I usually tell people that I passionately want to know why did Christ make an "A" note at 110hz. Why does that always seem to be the chord I like the most? What is it that captures my attention?

I am amazed at how much color you can add or take away from an "A" note but it is still the same note. Is that the way I am supposed to be? No matter how much I try and change, add or take away from what I am perceived to be, I am still me.

I am just a note ringing out the way Christ made me to sound.


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