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Friday, September 7, 2012

Technically Graced

How many times do you get ready to play an instrument or sing and everything seems to go wrong? Break a string, can't find your guitar picks, cables seem to stop working, direct boxes and sound systems flare up, batteries die, mics don't pick up...all right when you are ready to practice or perform.

It can be frustrating and really put a damper on why we worship in the first place, to bring joy to Christ and express our love for Him. In all the small inconveniences we run into, remember to stop...pray...and allow your spirit to be calmed and refocused on its purpose. In so doing, Christ showers grace on us even when we do not realize it at the moment.

I was truly blessed as a spectator tonight for a worship practice. The above took place but I was blessed because Christ let me see the hearts of those wanting to push through and worship.

It is good for each of us to step out of our normal routines and just be an observer.

Gods grace is sufficient for ALL things...even technical problems.


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